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Are you looking for a Spotify Hack Apk that will get you free access to Spotify apk? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct spot because I’m going to share the latest version of Spotify Hack Apk in this post.There is no better way to unwind in a hurry than listening to music. So, music fans, put on your headphones and relax while listening to your favourite songs. This is the only way to calm a harried mind. And one of the best venues for listening to an infinite number of music is Spotify Mod Apk.

To enter your imaginative world of audio pleasure, all you need is a smartphone, headphones, and an internet connection. Furthermore, relax with your favourite music on a lengthy commute and listen to it in your spare time.

I can find numerous music from various genres and artists from all over the world on Spotify. Not only can you listen to music, but you can also listen to thousands of intriguing or educational podcasts, which will add to your delight. So be ready to explore one of the greatest song streaming apps’ numerous features.

Spotify Hack apk

You must have used Spotify if you enjoy listening to music, and you must be aware of how frustrating the Spotify-free version is. Because you can only skip six tracks every hour, there is a lot of advertising that detract from the enjoyment of listening to the music.

To solve this problem, I’ve created Spotify Premium Apk, which allows you to skip an unlimited number of songs every hour and listen to music of your choosing without being interrupted by advertisements. You will gain many more Free features for free in this Spotify Mod Apk.

Spotify Hack apk is a music streaming service with millions of tracks in its extensive copyrighted music library. Instead of purchasing and downloading music to your device, Spotify allows you to listen to music online.

More Features In Spotify Hack apk

Here are some more features that you might enjoy.

  • Unlocked Connect with Spotify
  • FWD seek button has been added.
  • Looking for Capable
  • Enabled search
  • Shuffle endlessly
  • Any music will suffice.
  • Unlocking extreme audio
  • Enabled Repetition

 What’s Modded in the Spotify Premium Hack Apk

A number of features are available in the Spotify Premium mod that are not available in the free version. This mod was created by the team MrDude, Balatan, and xC3FF0E. They deserve a big thank you.

In this section, we’ll go over all of the facts regarding how the Spotify dev team modifies the service:

  • Spotify Hack apk Connect has been unlocked, allowing you to quickly log in or join up for a Spotify account using your Facebook account.
  • Visual Advertising are disabled: All display ads are disabled.
  • Audio Adverts Blocked: Audio advertisements regularly interrupt the music experience and disrupt the flow; the altered version removes these ads as well.
  • Seeking Enabled: The premium mod enables you to seek the audio playing bar, allowing you to listen to any part of the song as many times as you desire.
  • Choose and listen to any song or album: The ultimate capacity to choose and play any album or any song from any album without being prompted to upgrade to a premium plan.
  • Limitless Shuffle: Spotify free only allows you to listen to music on shuffle, but Spotify Premium allows you to use unlimited shuffle and play any song from the playlist.
  • Ability to Play Any Song: Whether you’re listening to music from an album or from an artist’s page, the mod lets you pick and play any song or composition.
  • Spotify has enabled Canvas, a terrific new option for artists. They can include album artwork with a short video or animation that continues to play as the user is listening to music in the presently playing part.
  • Support for Themes: With the mod, you’ll be able to change the app’s appearance and feel with custom-designed themes.

Download Information:

File Name Spotify Hack apk
version v2.22.11.8
File type Apk
File size 12 MB
Developer  Mod Gamer B2B VIP
Requirement  Android 5 and Up


Due to its great and speedy service, Spotify Hack apk has been in high demand. It has a number of new features that aren’t available in the free Spotify app.It gives its customers complete security over their personal and shared data, as well as their streaming history.It is really basic and straightforward to use. Amazing features such as saving music for offline use, effective cross platform streaming, high quality 320 kbps music, ad-free playback, exclusive content upon release, and the ability to play any track without Shuffle Play are all available for only $10, which is a very reasonable price for the amount of services provided.