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V 1.2

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Jan 27, 2023
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V 1.2
Android 5 & Up

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Although millions of games on the internet have exceptional graphics and unique gameplay. A real gamer always finds it fascinating to play the games again he used to play in his childhood. If you have been playing video games for more than two decades, you must be familiar with the gaming machines. 

Machine games are where you used to insert coins and play games like super-Mario, etc., for a specific time. Here we are introducing you to one such game, Dig Dug Girl Apk, similar to 80’s arcade games with pixilated graphics and the same gameplay. This article will cover this game’s highlighted features and the latest download link.

About Dig Dug Girl Apk:

Dig Dug Girl is a famous and one of the oldest arcade games that existed more than four decades ago. The game was released for gaming machines where you can buy tokens with your real money. After buying coins you have to insert them in the device and get playing time for a few minutes. 

With the advancement in technology, a much better version of this game with better graphics and improved gameplay was released for PC and mobile. However, we didn’t see any mobile version of the real Dig Dug Girl Apk. Looking at people’s demand and craze for such nostalgic games, we have come up with the original game that you can download easily from our website.

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Dig Dug Girl Game Storyline:

As the name indicates, Dig Dug Girl Apk 2023 involves a girl that digs under the world and hunts for different treasures. But it is not easy to complete the mission, you have to compete with many challenges. Many enemies like Pookas and Fygars try to harm and kill you. 

Pookas are round enemies with a red uniform that chases you and can only kill you when they touch your body. Fygars, on the other hand, are more dangerous and can kill you even from some distance by firing fire from their mouth. 

You must dig with different tools and kill enemies with guns and other weapons before they kill you. Besides Pookas and Fygars, there are also many hurdles like falling stones and sticky bombs on your way that you must avoid.

Where to Download Dig Dug Girl Apk?

Although Dig Dug Girl is a famous arcade game of the 80s, and many people want to play this nostalgic game to refresh their childhood memories. The game is still unavailable on any platform like the app store or the play store. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t install or play this game from anywhere else. 

Our website has the updated download link for the Dig Dug Girl Apk game with the original gameplay, graphics, and sounds. You can download and install this game like any other normal Apk file on your android devices.

Highlighted Features of Dig Dug Girl Apk:

Realistic gameplay

The Dig Dug Girl Apk has the same realistic gameplay you used to get decades ago in gaming machines. There is no extra feature or enhancement in the gameplay despite advanced technology. The characters, movements, graphics, and sound effects are the same as in the actual game version.

Easy controls 

The controls of this game is relatively easy and are precisely the same as those of its earlier versions. One joystick to control the character movements is given on the left side of the screen and the button to attack your enemies is on the right side. These basic controls will remind you of the old gaming machine controls with two joysticks on both sides.

Character customization

This Android game also allows you to customize your character in a dress of your choice. You can also equip your character with the latest and most dangerous weapons to kill your enemies more efficiently.

Different maps

Dig Dug Girl Apk has a variety of maps with different hurdles and difficulty levels, making this game more exciting and challenging. You will automatically enter a new world whenever you clear the previous one without being killed. 

Download Information:

🎮 File Name Dig Dug Girl Apk
🚀 Version 1.2
📊 File type Apk
📲 File size 49.3 MB
🧑‍💻 Developer DigDugGirl
📱 Requirement Android 5 and up


If you are looking for a nostalgic arcade game that can refresh your childhood memories, Dig Dug Girl Apk is the best choice. Playing this game will refresh your mind and give a calm and relaxing effect. Moreover, the game doesn’t contain any content against community guidelines and is safe for children.