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v 1.40

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v 1.40
Mar 22, 2022
Android 4 and up
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Ark Injector APK: Bang Bang is one of the most popular games for android gamers in the word. In the beginning, you can easily win matches and get an MVP tag but with the increase in the game level.difficulty increases when you move to the next level. When you move to the next level you are going to face many professional players which will beat you .This tool was originally made to beat pro prayer in the game and gets a premium feature for free.

What is the Ark Injector APK?

Ark Injector apk is a hacking tool which is used to cheat in the the latest version of Ark Injector provide ML skins, emotes, effects, amps, drone views, lag la lag g animes, call back and some other cheats. It will help you to Increase your fighting power free of cost.It provides almost four hundred plus MLBB skins free, additionally to the recalls & drone views.

If you are using the Ark injector app then you are the legend and pro player, no one can beat you. By using this app you can easily win the game and finish your enemies within a few minutes.

The reason why I recommend this tool is that this app provides you unlimited hacks and cheats for MLBB. This app gains unlimited love and fame by the users because of it’s latest functions and features.

It draws the attention of the user with its user-friendly interface. When you use this program, no interrupts or errors are visible. All credits go directly to the founder (MR.ARK) of this app. The latest APK offers great features. It allows you to play the game yourself with hundreds of fun characters. When it comes to MLBB performance when using this injector, it makes perfect sense

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ARK Injector Features

All Skins

  • Swap Skins :

Skins here are

  1. Gusion
  2. Chou
  3. Granger
  4. Lancelot
  • MLBB Skins and MLBB Squad Skins:

Also it has MLBB skin eg

  1. Fighter
  2. Assassin
  3. Marksman

Latest Unlocked Effect

  • Recall:

More than 40 above recall effects like

  1. Evos
  2. Venom
  3. Christmas
  4. M1
  • Respawn Unlocked:

More than 10 above spawns like

  1. Evos
  2. Guardian
  3. Spring
  4. Super Kill
  • Elimination:

More than 11 above eliminasi like

  1. Evos
  2. Super kill
  3. Ghost
  4. Chou.
  • Drone View:
  1. 1×2,
  2. 2×3,
  3. 3×4,
  4. 4×5,
  5. 5×6,
  6. 6×7,
  7. 7×8,
  8. 8×9,
  9. 9×10
  10. 3D
  • Anime Skins:

anime skins like

  1. Gusion
  2. Sator
  3. Lancelot
  4. Zenitsu
  • Unlocked Analog:
  1. Backup DataAlucard
  2. Evos
  3. Harley
  4. Selena
  5. Sharingan
  6. Water
  7. Fire
  • Unlocked Hacks:
  1. Supreme Badge
  2. Unlocked Ultra Graphics
  3. Auto Mytic
  • Maps:

It provides free maps like

  1. Celestial Place
  2. Western Place
  3. Imperial Sanctuary
  4. Magic Chess.
  • Backgrounds:

beautiful backgrounds more than 15 plus.

Ark Injector Password?

Final Words

The main purpose of Ark Injector apk is to hack Mobile Legends Game. This injector tool helps players to hack and enables all premium items of the game for free.The paid items present in the game can be unlocked for free by using this vip injector.